High-tech team training
We help with communication.
We increase the efficiency of teamwork.
We work on our software product.
For teams that are working in the circumstances of stress and uncertainty
Play training helps to cope with the emotional swings when faced with the unknown. The team will find itself in situations for which it is not prepared, and will learn how to move from a state of dependence on external circumstances to a state of managing them. Ideal for a situation where you need to work together before a large complex project.
Duration: 2 days (8 hours)
Price: 150 000 ₽
The Captains
For leader-oriented teams
The training helps to overcome dependence on the decision-maker. Participants will consistently try on the role of the captain (the leader of the team) and will find themselves in conditions where the usual model of orientation towards the leader will not work. In the game training, the team will gain experience in solving problems on their own in tight time frames and rigidly set goals.
Duration: 2 days (8 hours)
Price: 200 000 ₽
For large teams, as well as teams in a state of transformation

The team learns to quickly adapt when it gets into unusual conditions. For instance, the appearance of remote employees, the forced absence of the key team members, and the appearance of newcomers. At the game training, the team will find formats that allow balancing efficiency and comfort, and will adapt them in real activities.
Duration: 3 days (12 hours)
Price: 250 000 ₽
The Stars
For leadership teams
Game training helps superstars to feel like a team. Each participant will get control of a ship that can independently exist in space, however, it cannot complete the mission alone. After going through a series of games, participants will move from a set of individual strategies to a team-wide one. Ideal for situations where there are more than two leaders in a team.
Duration: 3 days (12 hours)
Price: 250 000 ₽
What the teams will get:
Objective assessment from the algorithm
Data on players and team behavior is collected automatically in real-time.
Human approach
Interpreting the results with the team.
Positive emotions and drive
Take a look at the reviews to make sure.
Self-study materials
We give the team a protocol with a list of indicators and deficits.
Training is designed for teams of 5 to 9 people.
If you have not found a suitable training but feel the need to improve team`s interaction, efficiency, and the acquisition of skills to work in conditions of uncertainty, we will develop an exclusive training for your team.

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