Team Game Simulator
How GT-R: Space works
The team is on a mission in a spaceship.
The algorithm collects data and forms a digital profile of the team.
We analyze the results together with the participants and make recommendations.
Team Profile in GT-R: Space
Readiness for changes
Is the team achieving the result?
How do the participants communicate during the game mission?
How does the team behave in a stressful situation?
We will form interaction protocols that will help to work in conditions of abrupt changes such as the transition to remote control, new team members, and introductions at the launch of the project.
We will practice working in conditions of the loss of a key employee and teach how to rely on the strengths, taking into account changes in the command staff.
Long adaptation to changes
Dependence on team members
We will show the value of cooperation and teach you to value each participant for the fact that together you can do more than working alone.
Gathering a team for a new project
We will try different options for configuring participants and relieve key employees. We will teach how to quickly assemble teams for new projects.
What tasks does GT-R: Space solve?
We carry out diagnostic sessions, team buildings, training, and educational programs on the simulator.
We research to improve the quality of the algorithms.
We write about teams on the Zen blog.
The inspirer of the project GT-R: Space
Our Team
The Chief data coach. She analyzes the results with the teams
The Chief game engineer.
He immerses teams in the world of GT-R: Space
The Chief developer of GT-R systems: Space
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